Diana Necklace 4cm with children's handwriting

Available in sterling silver or gold-coated

Thank your child's teacher for all his or her dedication! We can engrave the names of all his or her pupils each in their own handwriting!

You can also reproduce drawings, logos... Just download the template and fill it with what you want to play on the medal.

Download the template that children have to fill out. You got it right down here.

The medal can also be worn on a chain for a more elegant touch (Diana Necklace 4cm with Chain with children's handwriting model: http://www.hops.es/collar-hops-diana-4cm-cadena-puno-ninos).

Diameter of the medal: 4cm


Personalize your jewel


Choose between a text hand-engraved by HOPS, or upload a file in order to reproduce a drawing or words written by your beloved ones.

If you don’t want to reproduce a file, you can choose to engrave a message with our classical hand engraving.

Click on “Upload your file” to send us your drawing or the words written from your beloved ones from your computer. The text or drawing has to come on a White background.

Add a little drawing

to your message to

give it even more sense.


Impregnado con un líquido especial para limpiar y resaltar el brillo de tus joyas de metales preciosos. Te lo recomendamos.

Sorprende con un envoltorio original!